Thursday 10 October 2013

“Mr. Fox, sir, I won't do it. I can't say it. I won't chew it. Very well, sir. Step this way. We'll find another game to play.”

It's amazing how the smallest things that seem insignificant at the time can become part of your daily life with children. With Seth it was plastic forks, sounds crazy but when you're walking about there seem to be loads of those mini chip forks everywhere. Once Seth shouted "FORK" and then every time we spotted one after that we shouted "FORK". We still do it now occasionally.

With Opeie it all started when we read 'Fox in socks' by Dr. Seuss, as soon as i started reading it he was hooked. If we see foxes anywhere Opeie points them out and says "fox in Socks", So its now become something we look out for all the time.

Because of his new found obsession Ive been taking photos of foxes everywhere we go. They seem to be everywhere so this post is all about the foxes we've found during our journeys out and about.

Seth has been getting involved too which has been great. He found one of his favourite books 'fantastic Mr Fox' and also spotted some foxes biscuits which for some reason i had missed. I think its really nice to have these silly little things that we do as a family, it would seem crazy to other people but that's what makes things like this so special.

Our recent weekend away at Center Parcs was also very productive for our fox hunt, we spotted a pile of foxes in one of the gift shops and Opeie noticed one when he was colouring in a picture given to him by restaurant staff...

While driving about last week i even spotted this, turns out they all live on one road too...

I really hope that our Fox game continues, its certainly a fun addition to our journeys out and it keeps our own cunning little fox entertained wherever we go.

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