Thursday 27 November 2014

"When two tribes go to war, a point is all you can score"

I love being able to transport out favourite play things wherever we go and some of the recent LEGO ranges have been great for that. There are a great selection of smaller kits, affordable at pocket money prices, perfect for entertaining kids on the go. The Mixels range have been awesome for taking out with us to places and with two of the tribes from Series 3 sitting at home waiting to be built, Opeie decided that on a recent trip to our friends house he wanted to take some to build together.

One of the great things about visiting our friends Chris and Katie is how much effort they make with the boys. They are quick are to jump in and get involved with what the boys have brought along. The tribe Opeie had taken to keep him entertained was the Spikels.

Ive said it many times before but the Mixels are awesome. At only £3 a pack there are lots of LEGO pieces to play with and there is no end to how creative you can be. Although personally i love building big buildings and structures, ranges like the Mixels have helped me to look at the smaller parts in the LEGO range a different way, which has been great as a custom builder as all my smaller details on these builds have got a lot more detailed.

With a large amount of hinges and connectors you can go all out making joints and help your creations become more articulate. Ive probably said this on every Mixels post i have written but its one of the things i love most about this range, the introduction of eyes and teeth in to the LEGO world has really opened things up for mine and the boys building and means that we can now give the creatures that we all build more personality.

We still have one more tribe left to build, the Wiztastics. Then, like the last series of reviews we wrote we will create something fun using the three tribes (remember our Mixels mask last time?)
Anyway, get to the shops and get yourself some of these. If your are new to LEGO, for the price they are a great way to test the water, if my experience is anything to go by you will be hooked by the time you have connected the first two pieces.

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