Monday 8 December 2014

"Whatever good things we build end up building us."

Never before have i felt so out of my depth reviewing a product (and its a LEGO product). I know pretty much nothing about Minecraft apart from what Seth has told me over the previous days. So, when i was faced with a review of the new LEGO Minecraft Mine set (21118) i had to turn to my right hand man to get me out of a pickle, for fear of looking like i didn't know what i was talking about. I can write about LEGO day in day out but Minecraft was definitely out of my comfort zone, hopefully the last week or so of education by Seth has helped, i did let Seth have free reign of this review though (i may have added some rude builders in a long the way though). Over to Seth and of course the star of the show, Steve.

I learned a lot from our build together and it made me realise how much i need my little team mates around when building, to keep me on my toes and educate me when clearly i have no idea what i am doing sometimes. Since building the kit, LEGO Minecraft has crept up Seth's Christmas list and it seems to be becoming quite popular as its sold out all over. the Crafting Box looks great for the creative builders not wanting to stick to instructions. Personally I'd like to get my hands on The Farm, for some really interesting pieces.

Seth is already planning on extending his track on a huge scale so stay tuned for some custom Mincraft building very soon.

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