Monday 2 March 2015

"Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did."

I am always so positive on the blog as my writing is for Seth and Opeie to read in the future. Its easy to stay positive when you have two extremely well behaved boys, who are happy most of the time and have impeccable manners. Sadly though no family is perfect and every now and again those sunshine rays of happiness are over cast my big dark clouds (if only for a few hours).

Ive probably made that sound so much worse than it actually was but at the time i wasn't a happy boy. Opeie's sleep has been all over the place recently and a few nights back he kept me awake for all but an hour and a half. It was a nightmare and the knock on effect for the following day was awful. which wasn't a great set up for the following night where i finally got him (and myself) down properly at 5am only to be woken up at 6am by a him, full of beans and ready to play.

I cant really describe how i was feeling that day, if you had have asked me in person you would have most likely received a mix of slurred words that didn't make much sense, it really knocked me for six. I decided that morning that enough was enough and he needed to be worn out in preparation for the following night. 

Physically i didn't think i had it in me, but i decided a walk up the Wrekin would do us both the world of good, crazy i know but it was for the greater good and all that. So i packed a bag with a picnic and water, gloves and hats and we headed out. On the way Opeie almost pushed me over the edge, i knew it was going to be freezing at the top so i packed Mrs M's (crazy expensive) ear muffs, which Opeie has worn many times This day though while in his hands in the back of the car i hear a SNAP! while driving a long. He didn't do it intentionally but i was already feeling crappy and now that had turned to furiosness (spell check says that's not a word haha).

On the way up Opeie shouted "CROCODILE!!!!" when we saw a tree trunk that looked like a crocodiles mouth...

... Followed by "Daddy the hills look like mommies boobies!!!" at this point i was starting to cheer up a little.

The fresh air was clearly doing us both the world of good. Considering Opeie didn't go on my shoulders once and tackled the whole thing on his own we shot up and back down in no time at all. We did attempt to have that picnic at the top but i think that was just wishful thinking, red freezing hands and being slapped about by the wind, soon stopped us in our tracks and we ate back at the car.

I'm so glad that these days don't happen very often, in fact it was actually the first time i have felt like that with the boys, it's amazing how bad a little sleep deprivation can make you feel. I'd love to be able to say that a walk up and down the Wrekin sorted Opeie out and that night was a breeze, but that would be a lie!!! I have no idea whats up with his sleep routine at the moment but i am hoping that it'll pass swiftly. Until then... YAWWWWWWWNNNNN!!!!!

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