Sunday 13 December 2015

"You have to get through your fear to see the beauty on the other side."

There has been a huge build up to the release of The Good Dinosaur in our house. Our mini dinosaur enthusiast has been so excited about seeing the film ever since he saw the trailer a while back and this week we finally got a chance to go and see the film. The four of us headed out for a family night out but then seperated at the cinema. Mrs M and Seth went off to see Spectre and thinking at the time I may have drawn the short straw, me and my boy made our way to screen 9 to embrace our inner dinosaur.

Opeie had decided that he was going to watch the movie as Arlo himself and wore his Good Dinosaur mask all the way to the cinema. He did inform me that it would be cool if I was to dress as Spot too but I had no intention of heading out in the cold wearing nothing but leaves to cover up my modesty. I really wanted to get a lovely picture of Opeie in front a big cardboard cut out for the movie but sadly there wasn't one in the cinema.

The movie was amazing and I may have had a little tear in my eye at the end, Disney really know how to pull on your heart strings. When we exited the screening we had an hour to kill before the rest of the humans joined us. Luckily it was late night shopping so we gave Opeie's Arlo mask a tour of the shopping centre. My own little Good Dinosaur was getting thumbs ups and smiles from everyone.

After a good hour of stomping about, me and my dinosaur made our way back to the cinema to pick up the other humans and make our way home. We would definitely recommend the film, if you are heading out to see it, why not take a mini dinosaur too, they'll love it.

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