Sunday 24 April 2016

"Hopefully, kids realize you can do anything you want. Skateboarding can be that gateway."

 Out of nowhere there have been some new wheels trying to steal the limelight during our outdoor play. Seth had decided that he wanted to dig his skateboard from out of the shed to give it another try and Opeie had followed suit and made it clear that he wanted one for his birthday a few weeks back. It is great to watch the boys trying to learn something new and as it is something they can't just bomb around on at the moment it is great to just sit out of the front of the house and watch them learn to balance and get the feel of their boards.

I had a neon green 80s style Ghostbusters skateboard when I was a kid and I absolutely loved it. I remember being shouted at by my mom one day and I decided to run away, I didn't actually run away because I was far too scared, I just disappeared to my tree top base for a few hours and I don't think I was even missed. What sticks out most about that time was the only thing I thought that I need, apart from a few chocolate penguins and some slices of bread (I used to eat so much dry bread), was my trusty skateboard.

The boys have turned into a pair of skater dudes over night and have even dug out their cut off denim jackets from our scooting escapades last year. Learning something new together has become great bonding for the two of them and it's really lovely to see them have another common interest. Each day if they have a spare hour, they have been outside practicing and their new love has clearly been a little contagious because both of our neighbours kids either side are now owners of their own boards too. That's my boys, a real pair of trend setters.

As with everything new skill that the boys decide to take up, their duo venture inevitably quickly becomes a trio and this time was no different. The boys were desperate for me to get a skateboard too and although I'd not been on one since I was a boy I thought What the hell!

We've now reached the point where the little smooth piece of path outside our house isn't enough and they have watched enough skateboarding videos to learn that they need to go out and find some great places to practice. With it being Sunday we headed over to a local industrial estate where we knew the business' would be closed over the weekend and we took full advantage of their quiet empty car parks. Mrs. M even had a little go too.

And when the weather isn't playing ball and it's too wet to skate? Well, Netflix have had that covered with a great selection of inspirational Skateboarding documentaries including Plan B: True, Hill Street, Tru to this and our favourites The Motivation and Motivation 2: The Chris cole story. It is handy to know that if you are watching these with kids there is a little bit of language in so I tend to watch these things first so I know where to skip or mute.

I don't think there is any fear of skateboarding taking over the amount of fun that we have on the scooters but I'm loving the fact that the boys are branching out and giving something else a try and I do love having a go myself too.

Remember kids 'Wear those pads!'

I had to include this video, I love the satisfaction on Opeie's face!


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