Thursday 11 August 2016

"I think it is in collaboration that the nature of art is revealed."

I love to see great companies coming together and collaborating on something fun, especially when it is a company That Spurs on many of our outdoor adventures, joining forces with another that makes prepping for these adventures a little more productive. We'd already joined these two on many occasions so it was exciting to receive a scoot into summer package and begin our Bear Snacks  / Micro Scooters scavenger hunt.

We definitely don't need an excuse to get out on the scooters. In fact, some weeks I feel like I've been on wheels more than my feet. Getting out and taking in our surroundings is something we spend a lot of time doing, so having a nature hunt to do along the way was a lot of fun for Opeie. We tried to spread our scavenger hunt over quite a few outings and each scooting adventure was complemented with fruity Bear snacks along the way.

The weather has been amazing over the last few weeks and we've really been making the most of it with the Micro Scooters. sometimes I still can't believe the impact the scooters have had on us as a family and it's this time of year where the scooters get our undivided attention.

The boys were disappointed when we had found everything on the list so we added a few in ourselves and went on another hunt before starting some nature-themed craft. With so much greenery all around us, I feel blessed to have started this family life in Shropshire. It is the perfect place to bring up two adventurous boys and with great companies like this entertaining us along the way, there is no end to the fun that we can have together.

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