Thursday 20 October 2016

"Better three hours too soon than a minute too late."

Just a quick post tonight as there are lots of things I need to be doing. In keeping with our Halloween craft this month, we decided to make a Halloween clock to teach Opeie how to tell the time. I concentrate so much on reading, writing, and Maths when we're not creating fun things that I forget sometimes about the simple things that are really important. I have no idea when I was taught to tell the time but Seth informed me today that he didn't learn to tell the time until he was 7 so it's good to start covering it now.

We made the clock using two paper plates, some card for the hands and one of those gold folding clippy things (I have no idea what they are called). We then decorated the face using foam numbers and glow in the dark Halloween stickers. The clock is now stuck on the window of the lounge doors and at different points of the day I tell Opeie the time and he adjusts the clock, he'll have this down in no time! The great extra is that by putting the value of each number in 5-minute blocks around the edge, we can also cover his 5 times tables too! Extra points for making Maths fun!!!

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