Tuesday 1 November 2016

"Clothes make a statement, Costumes tell a story."

If you could be anything, what would you be?  hmmmm.... a LEGO minifigure! was how the start of a conversation went with me and Opeie recently. He then went on to explain his reasoning. "I can build my house to look however I want", "I could fly in a spaceship and I could ride a dinosaur!". Come to think of it, I'd love to be a minifigure myself, it would be amazing. And then that awesome email came through, 'can we send you a LEGO Ninjago dress up costume?'... being a blogger is the best. I won't lie, when I clicked on the link and saw the Deluxe Lloyd costume by Disguise, I was a little jealous. Jakks Pacific have designed these children's costumes perfectly. To look at, they are like scaled down versions of the costumes you see at LEGO events and around the parks, which the kids always love.

With Kai, Lloyd, Jay and Nya to choose from these are a must for any child interested in the world of Spinjitsu. Opeie couldn't wait to transform himself into Lloyd and everything about becoming a LEGO minifigure was as exciting as he imagined it would be, that was until he attempted to open a LEGO packet to start building his Ninjago Ninja bike chase kit. It turns out those LEGO clawed hands aren't great for opening up those packets, but Opeie didn't let that stop him. 

Opeie attempted to build the kit in full suit but eventually gave in and slid the mask back. The boys love the Ninjago LEGO kits so being able to be a ninja while he built was a lot of fun for him. 

There was a moment at Halloween where I thought there was going to be tears. We had been asking Seth for weeks if he wanted a costume and he had just shrugged his shoulders and not really shown any interest. When all hallows eve was upon us though it was a different story and when Opeie ran out to go trick or treating with his friends on our street, Seth didn't look happy. The trousers on the Lloyd costume were slightly too big for Opeie so for safety reasons we thought it best to not wear them walking the streets in the dark. I asked Seth if he wanted to try the costume on and it fit perfectly, so we had a happy two boys carving pumpkins and doing Halloween crafty with their friends.

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