Tuesday 11 April 2017

"Now whatever you do, Dont push this button!"

It doesn't seem that long ago that I was sitting outside of our local toy store on a Sunday morning waiting for the doors to open to get my hands on the Guardians of the galaxy LEGO kits. After being a big fan of the comics when I was younger and a HUGE Marvel fan, I was already excited by the fact that they were making a movie. When I heard that there was going to be LEGO kits to accompany it though, I was in nerd heaven. Marvel and LEGO for me are the ultimate partnership.

The first movie (as with all Marvel movies) ended with an 'until next time scene' so as you can imagine, the second film starts filming and I'm equally as excited and patiently waiting for the LEGO kits to come out. I definitely haven't been disappointed, It's a little crazy to think that possibly the smallest LEGO part in the kits is the one that we were waiting for the most. After Groot heroically saves the team in the first movie we were left with a dancing baby Groot that stole the show. Being able to have their own baby Groot was definitely at the top of the boys LEGO wishlist.

It's not often that our LEGO kits stay built, they usually get taken apart to use on our custom builds, but the Milano has stayed in one piece as it was one of my favourite kits of all time. The Vol.2 The Milano vs The Abilisk kit gives you a slightly scaled down Milano with a new colour scheme which is awesome but surprisingly it was the bright pink Abilisk that the boys wanted the most. With four of the characters from the previous kits in new outfits plus that adorable Baby Groot it was a great selection of characters to add to our ever growing Marvel collection.

It may have been all about Baby Groot for the boys but I couldn't wait to get my hands on Yondu. Ayesha's Revenge 76080  not only gives you Yondo (with that awesome new mohawk) but also a new Starlord, Ayesha and Baby Groot in his ravager outfit, Awesome for the mid-priced kit of the three released.

When the boys and I are looking at new kits we are always checking out the parts as well as the finished builds. As we are always making fun minifigures at home we love it when there is a new fun minifigure piece and the headpiece on Mantis from the Ravager Attack set 76079 had grabbed our attention. As the cheaper of the 3 kits released, this was a great one for giving you the last member (and probably most entertaining) of the team Rocket Raccoon along with Mantis and an interesting looking Taserface. With the M-ship also included it's making me think I should start suspending these awesome ships from the ceiling at home.

If you are a Guardians of the Galaxy fan then these LEGO kits from the vol. 2 movie are more than enough to get you excited about the upcoming release. If you are a LEGO fan too, then picking up these kits as soon as you can is a no brainer!

For the full range of Disney Store’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 products CLICK HERE. I think we'd all love a Dancing Groot, Opeie is pining after one and I could definitely enjoy a cuppa from this awesome Groot Mug.

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