Sunday, 3 November 2019

"I want to run towards something. Not away."

Autumn is by far my favourite time of year, Unlike most I'm a big fan of the temperature drop, Ive always had a thing about my coat going on, making our outdoor adventures that little more cosy. And who doesn't love the colours on the trees, that autumn change is pretty magical. For the boys it's an exciting time of year because we get to go up the loft and start bringing down those end of year decorations. It's always so nice to transform the house and make it that little more interesting and of course that always includes some spooky LEGO building. We were all wrapped up one evening with hot chocolates making Halloween characters and a big sign for the wall in The LEGO room.

Opeie requested we build a witches house another evening and despite not feeling in a creative mood we stuck with it and it all turned out pretty lovely. The LEGO building really got us into the build up to halloween festivities.

With the decorations out and the house feeling a little more spooky we were pretty excited about the fun that was going to be had. Pumpkin carving at home and maybe a spooky party.

Then at the last minute our plans changed and a couple of days before the big spooky celebration we found ourselves driving down to the Cornish coast to Boscastle to join Becci and her friends during their week away. With a mass of negativity starting to muscle its way into our lives at home I think we were both really needing to get away for a bit and selfishly I was really missing Becci and wanted to see that smiley face of hers. 

Halloween ended up being an awesome day at Tintagel, adventuring around Merlins cave, Stomping up some big hills, finding waterfalls and falling in love with that girl of mine all over again. 

The evening was full of fun with new friends and they really don't come any nicer than Dean and Jenna, these guys were so much fun to be around and considering we were basically gatecrashing their holiday, me and Opeie have never been made to feel more welcome. We carved pumpkins while we chatted and then lit some candles and watched some spooky movies. To quote Opeie "Best Halloween ever!", it was a bold statement but honestly the kid hit the nail on the head.

Happy Halloween ya'll.

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