Thursday 1 December 2011

"You were expecting maybe Squirrel Girl?"

Im starting to feel like my Super Hero Squad collection will eventually spiral out of control, i brought a fair amount of these for our eldest when he was in hospital with pneumonia last year. i just happened to go into Smyths when they were on buy one get one free (bonus). He hasn't played with them as much as his chunky figures so i thought i would just start a collection for the little one.

I love this range of toys as there are so many characters to collect, its ashame they didn't make this many in the pre-school range. Ive had to buy a lot of them from the US though as i don't think that many of them were released in this country. It seems that even though their a fairly new range of toys some of them are being sold for crazy prices as the were released in waves. Some of them are really hard to get hold of.

The larger figures (Fin Fang Foom, Galactus, Giant Man, Sentinal and Hulk) were the hardest to get hold of so far, I'm still trying to find Apocalypse. There are so many of the figures that i want that when i finally have them all i will have spent a fortune (but we wont be telling Mrs M just how much).

I feel guilty sometimes that there's an abundance of cool toys hidden away that my son doesn't know about but Iv'e got to have some fun things to give the newby when he's old enough to be dragged into daddy's nerdy world. This week i had a package of toys delivered and Mrs M asked the usual question "which of the boys are those for?" to which i replied "Me!". I'd be lying if i said i didn't get as much pleasure out of playing with them as the boys. I'm a Big Kid!!

I had a lucky find when i was in T.K Maxx a few weeks ago, i was perusing the toy isle as i always do and i stumbled across Nick Fury and his Shield hover car to go with my collection, i'd not even seen this toy while mooching through eBay so i was chuffed. I don't think Mrs M was as impressed,she will probably have the same look on her face when she walks in the lounge and see's that im watching the 1994 animated Fantastic Four Series on my own! You wouldn't think i was 31.


Laura said...

i didn't know you had half of those!


Thats an impressive collection!