Wednesday 30 November 2011

"He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree."

I would never had used a quote like that a few years back as i was never interested in Christmas, i wasnt the scrooge type ive always been happy to spend money on the people i care about, it just seemed that as the years went by i had less and less people to buy for. I'd never really put much stock into the idea of family. To quote my dad "there's no such thing as family,the word doesn't mean anything these days" and until i was blessed with Mrs M and the boys i pretty much felt the same.

Mrs M is a Christmas fanatic if she could, i think she would have the tree up all year round. Well now i have children im my life i love getting involved too. Christmas has started quite early for us this year because of our eldest starting school this year, we have had to make decorative jars, cakes and have made a hamper to donate for the school fate which has kept us all occupied. Its fun doing these things as a family. (although there was a prize for best jars and Mrs M got far to competitive).

The most exciting part of Christmas at the moment in our house seems to be the opening of the Advent calender (which will be tomorrow). The little man chose a Lego star wars calender so i can see why hes anxious to get into it.

For Mrs M i made an Advent Calender, she collects childrens books so i thought of something appropriate. Im hoping she is as excited as i am about her opening them.

I think that tomorrow we will be putting the decorations up so the atmosphere in the house will be amazing as they all get very excited about going through the baubles. (im sure there will be a whole post dedicated to our tree haha). 

Weve had our Nutcracker up for the last 2 months and im sure he will just stay up all next year now. (he's our little bit of Christmas all year round)

 Its extra special this year as its our youngest child's first Christmas. Im really looking forward to the holidays as i will be with my most important 3 people who mean everything to me.

Happy holidays all.....

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