Monday 5 January 2015

"A fox is a wolf who sends flowers."

 I uploaded the photos to this post about a month ago and its crazy to think how many other fox photos we have taken since then. I cant believe what started as an occasional fox spotting almost 2 years ago has now turned in to this family game wherever we go. I can only hope this goes on in to the boys teens as it really has been a lot of fun. My favourite was the fox sticker we spotted on the back of a lamp post in Covent garden and a book about pooh that we spotted in the Tate the same day (including, yes you guessed it! Fox pooh).


I thought id finish the post with the ultimate fox, i randomly typed in LEGO fox in to eBay and this Chima fox popped up, how did i let this minifigure slip my attention!! Anyway until next time, happy hunting.

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