Friday 21 August 2015

'Robin! To the Bat Boat'

I love how in to our LEGO posts the boys get and it was only a matter of time before Seth decided that he would be reviewing a kit by himself. After all of our LEGO stories it was his turn to have full reign and show me what he's got. We were sent kit 76034 Super heroes the Batboat Harbour Pursuit and with Seth being the biggest Batman fan in the house it made sense that it would be him telling the story, so over to Seth...

The LEGO Batboat harbour Pursuit is another great kit from the DC Super heroes range. The thing I love most about the Batman kits is the gadgets and the way LEGO have really embraced Batman's amazing vehicles. While playing it was great that the bat boat split off in to 2 seperate Batpods adding to the adventure of the chase while stopping any 'I want to play with that part'. Sadly it didn't stop the 'I want to be Batman' (but then who really wants to be the sidekick?).


See what happens when the boys meet Scooby Doo and embark on their spookiest mission yet, Zoinks!!



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