Sunday 16 August 2015

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."

We had big plans this week to head towards Cambridge for what we had hoped to be an afternoon of real dinosaurs. Sadly the M6 and the M5 had other ideas and as we sat in what seemed like a never ending amount of traffic we decided to change our plans. A while back I had read about 'The town of books' a quaint little market town famous for its bookshops and love of literature. So after mentioning this to Mrs M she filled me in on the name of this idyllic sounding place and we changed course and headed towards Ross-on-wye.

Five minutes before we arrived Mrs M realised that we should have been heading towards Hay-on-Wye, Oops. So another 50 minutes was added to our journey but we finally made it to our destination and the weather was gorgeous. There was a queue of people coming out of a lovely looking ice cream parlour which sadly us none dairy eating folk couldn't eat at, but because of the heat we were craving ice cream so Mrs M did some investigating online and found a deli that stocked Booja booja ice cream, result.

Hay-on-Wye definitely earned its 'town of books' status. It was such a great little town filled with lovely little book shops for everyone, there was a children's book shop that Laura said reminded her of the shop in 'you've got mail' and a 'Murder and mystery' bookshop, all with a reading area where you could just pop your feet up and get engrossed.

Opeie, as always at the moment, had dinosaurs on the brain so that is what we went looking for bookwise and him and Mrs M found an interesting pop up book about Dinosaur babies and eggs, Cute! While me and Opeie hopped from book shop to book shop Mrs M spent some time talking to a lovely lady in a shop about her other big love, 'Stationary'! My lady loves a good pen! 

Aside for the scenery (it was a lovely looking little town) there were plenty of great boutique style shops to keep us entertained. Mrs M spotted some lovely things and had some great ideas for things to make our home even prettier.

Hay-on-wye will definitely be seeing us again, anywhere that has that many books will get a lot of attention from us, it is the sort of place where you could buy a book from a shop and spend the whole day reading it anywhere there as it seemed like the whole town hade been made for your reading pleasure.  After a good few hours pottering about we made our way home, which was considerably shorter than detour from Ross-on-wye.

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