Thursday 19 May 2016

"You know what's about to happen. Do you really wanna punch your wayout of this?"

With the release of Captain America Civil war a couple of weeks back, (which I am still yet to watch, grrr...! I have however read all of Civil War and it was truly amazing), Me and the boys went through our usual pre-superhero movie release routine and went window shopping online for the awesome products tied into the movie. The Disney store (as expected) had an awesome selection of products, everything a budding superhero could possibly need. The product that caught our attention the most though we're the Iron man gauntlet gloves and they were a definite must for the boys superhero armoury.

When they arrived, Opeie instantly dropped what he was doing and ran upstairs to grab his iron man mask for full effect. Then, of course, it was time to do battle. I'm so jealous of the superhero toys available these days, I'd have been in my element as a child being able to have Iron Mans gloves (even though I am definitely team cap). The gloves have light-up repulsors on the palms and shoot out rockets... AWESOME! The only negative about these gloves (and it's a big one!) is that they don't fit me! Come on Disney store, you must know that when the kids have gone to bed we're sitting watching the movies wearing this stuff, or maybe that is just me.

There are so many great civil war products to choose from and we've now got our eye on the Captain America and Black Panther masks to go with the boys collections.

If Iron Man's Gauntlet gloves aren't exciting enough (come on, you know they are), the boys also have the Civil war Deluxe figurine play set waiting for a rainy day stuck indoors. Which if the last two days is anything to go by maybe very soon. The set includes Captain America and Iron man (of course), Vision, Hawkeye, Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Ant-man, Black panther, Falcon and War Machine. So I love forward to battling with those very soon.

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