Saturday 25 June 2016

Nintendo: Kirby Planet Robobot for 3ds

While visiting my friend Steve a few weeks ago, we got on to the conversation of gaming. Steve is the chap I built the LEGO arcade with and we have both been huge gaming fans so at some point when we see each other that topic will pop up. As we were chatting I was explaining about my life long love of Nintendo and the impact the games had had on my childhood growing up. I was really shocked when he said 'I never really got Nintendo, they keep using the same characters over and over!'. This, is of course, true! but for myself and probably a huge amount of Nintendo enthusiasts, this only adds to the magic of them as a gaming platform. By playing the various games you build a relationship with the characters. I remember defeating Koopa for the first time, watching that floor disappear beneath him, which was around 24 years ago and I have followed the plumbers escapades ever since. Mario, Link, Samus, the Pokemon and all their Nintendo buddies have had a pretty lengthy career and although Mario has had many reincarnations over more than two decades, each game I play takes me right back to that moment as a child. I really have grown up with Nintendo.

Kirby is right up there on that list. There have been a few titles from Kirby's back catalogue that I haven't played but I do remember playing Kirby's adventure when I was around 13, as well as many of the other titles and there was something really addictive about that cute, round, pink character and the way he sucked up the baddies to take on their abilities. Kirby is another of Nintendo's iconic platform characters and what has always stuck out to me (as with most of Nintendo's games) is that the games are suitable for all ages.

Kirby: Planet Robobot for the 3ds is the latest instalment from the ever growing Kirby franchise of games. This new Kirby though, (although still cute), has definitely upped his game (nice pun there!) with the awesome addition of robot Mech suits throughout the levels. Kirby can still inhale his enemies taking on their powers and abilities but he has the added fun of mech suits which have him lifting heavy objects and smashing through walls to protect his beloved home planet Pop Star. The Mech suits aren't just for destroying everything in its path, they can also be used to scan enemies throughout the game to take on their personas, plus there are new abilities which are a great addition to the game play, Doctor, Poison and ESP.

Aside from the main story there are also 2 other modes that can be played, Team Kirby clash is a multiplayer game (up to 4 players) where the team works together to take down larger enemies and Kirby 3D Rumble is a solo game where you have to defeat waves of bad guys to progress through the levels. 

The boys have always been interested in the things that fuelled my childhood and being able to introduce Kirby to them too has been great. Nintendo meant so much to me growing up so being able to share that with the boys has been really interesting and I hope that the boys enjoy following the lives of their favourite characters too. Seth is there already when it comes to his love of Pokemon. Sun and Moon is released later this year which is definitely on his list of future games to play and I can't wait to get stuck into it with him.

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