Wednesday 15 June 2016

"There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?"

Lego building with the boys is my favourite indoor play activity. Every building session is completely different from the last and the versatility of those amazing bricks is why for me LEGO will always be the number one toy brand. Although I adore those building sessions we have together they can also be very demanding. The boys have so many ideas of what they would like to create next that we have had to create a queue system and while I'm working on something big for Opeie at the moment, Seth is patiently waiting for the build to be complete so that I can concentrate on something big that he has in mind.

Custom building demands a certain amount of creativity and when you have a 5-year-old architect who knows exactly what he wants, that creativity can be magnified on a huge scale. Because of this, I love having a sneaky little kit to build by myself. I do occasionally feel guilty about doing this but there's never a shortage of building sessions for the boys and building the odd kit alone is really quite therapeutic. 

It's nice to build some kits myself because seeing how the designers at LEGO have recreated something triggers all sorts of building motivation for the things that I am creating with the boys. As I slowly crept out the back door a few nights back clutching the Resistance X-wing fighter I could hear nothing but the birds tweeting and it was lush. When I first opened the kit it reminded me of a building session a few years back when Seth had asked me to make an X-wing and he said I wasn't allowed to Google X-wing to get a picture up (just to make it a little more difficult). Luckily at the time, there was a fisher price X-wing on top of their bookcase and I just had a cheeky look at that, It didn't turn out too bad.

This X-wing though was sleek and an absolute gem of a build. I was eager to see how LEGO had replicated the shape of the nose of the ship so perfectly and I wasn't disappointed. This is a great well thought out build and beautifully designed. The parts they have used to shape the ship will definitely come in handy with ideas for my own builds and this is one of the things I love about Lego the most. Not only is it fun to build the kit but with each build comes endless LEGO learning. I am a little confused as to why LEGO had included the transparent pink bricks in the middle of the build, as you can't see them when they are built? If you are reading this and know why? let me know as I'm really interested. You can learn so much from the LEGO kits and without them I probably wouldn't have so many of the techniques I use all the time and these are things that have been passed on to Seth and Opeie to use in the future things they are creating. It was so relaxing building this myself and the only time I felt a little guilty was when I put the Minifigures together as that's Opeie's favourite part of the kit.

There's something about flying vehicles that makes me not want to break them up after building and we have a huge box of built ships including Quinjet's, the Milano and the X-jet, I'm thinking they all need to be suspended from the boys bedroom ceiling at some point. The Resistance X-wing is just one of the great kits from the new range based on the force awakens. I'd definitely love to get my hands on the Millenium falcon and Seth loves the look of Kylo Ren's command shuttle. If it is big impressive ships you want, then the Star Wars range is definitely what you are looking for *Waves hands suggestively, using the force*. 

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