Thursday 15 December 2016

"I'm one with the Force, and the Force is with me."

I've felt a little naughty this December. After building Krennics Imperial Shuttle last week and feeling a little guilty that I was building it alone while the boys were in bed. I've found myself sitting here this evening building another huge Star Wars kit all on my tod. It's been a month of solo LEGO indulgence and secretly this time round I don't feel guilty at all. I'm loving having some 'me' building time and it has made me realise just how much I love building the kits as well as custom building.

I say 'solo building' but if I get the LEGO out when everyone is in bed then I nearly always have Polly joining me, she's a HUGE fan of the boxes.

As with all the Star Wars kits, I'd love to see a little more colour, but these detailed vehicles are awesome. Like Krennics Shuttle, the shape of the Clone Turbo Tank had me intrigued. I love how LEGO gets around the obscure shapes of each build. It gives me so much inspiration for my own building. The best thing about this build for me was the movement of the wheels, when you are actually building the wheel they seem over flimsy and just wrong, but once you have placed them on a flat surface the magic happens. These wheels are amazing and now that I've seen how they are built I think me and the boys will be building some similar vehicles over the summer to roam around our back garden and over the rockery.

The Clone turbo Tank reminded me of a Transformers Optimus Prime toy I had when I was a little boy. The tank looks great complete and the design means that you can fully open up every part of the build making it a great playable build. The Mini AT-RT walker also cleverly folds up and can be stored in the back part of the vehicle to be stored ready for action.

Included with the kit is Luminara Unduli, Quinlan Vos, Clone Commander Gree and the Elite Corps Clone Trooper along with two droids.

I couldn't resist taking this outside the following morning even though it was raining. The Clone turbo Tank is made for playing outdoors and we'll definitely be making the most of that once it's dry.

The great thing about a solo build is seeing the boys faces when they wake up to new LEGO to play with the following morning. Polly is always there to take full advantage of that box for a little longer.

The Clone Turbo Tank is just part of the huge selection of LEGO Star wars products available, including all the kits from the new Rogue one movie. You can find them all HERE.

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