Wednesday 25 April 2012

"It's a pretty good zoo,"said young Gerald McGrew, "And the fellow that runs it seems proud of it to"

Since buying the DC Little People Batcave my boys gone Little People mad, in fairness a lot of the time is taken up by him using the Jokers head as a dummy but he does love playing with the Batmobile in fact he seems to love anything with wheels that spin round.

A friend of mine mentioned that she had a Little People farm for sale so i decided to take it off her hands, My son loved it. Once word got out that there was a new zoo in town it didn't take long for Batman and all his friends to load up the Batmobile and go for a day trip

Being the big kid that i am, after i had taken the photo's i seriously considered starting a blog that was just about Batman and Friends visiting a number of various prime Little People Destinations (i already have my eye on the Christmas village).

Im quite sure that if i started collecting anything else Mrs M would give me some jip but i like to think that things like this will be great to keep for if my son has kids of his own. 

 Well it seems that the DC Gang had a great outing, there was almost a bit of drama when Joker got inside the animal enclosure but he always was nothing but trouble. Watch this space for any of the Dark Knights future excursions.

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