Tuesday 17 April 2012

"To the batcave"

While away in Florida i spotted this in Walmart and just had to get it for my sons 1st birthday, he loves it which makes his geeky daddy very happy. Its just ashame that you cant get a lot more characters for it.

Its such a cute and simple toy for young children, i really wish they had released a jokers play set to go with it like the imaginext Joker fun house.

I started to write about wanting the Little People DC Wheelies but i had to delete that part of the entry as i couldn't resist going out and buying it. I have absolutely no patience (i just cant resist fun toys for the boys and of course i have to start now with getting my youngest into what daddy likes).

Its ashame the set wasnt bigger though it would have been a lot better if it was more like the stand"n"play rampway (Would have been a lot more expensive but i'd have been happy to part with the money). Being the obsessive collector that i am ive had to order the other characters from the US as you cant get them here yet,so Batgirl,Superman,Green lantern and Wonder Woman are on their way.

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