Sunday 29 April 2012

"Holy mechanical marvel"

I spend so much time on eBay looking at toys and games, you would never think i was 32 this year. I say its because i like the boys having fun things to play with but Mrs M knows that its really for me more. This is an entry about recent items i have found and would love:

Creepy i know, and im quite sure that Mrs M wouldn't want this in the house but if she was ever stuck for a wedding present for me or there's a birthday very close she could make a super geek very happy.

A few months back i was talking to Mrs M about how amazing it would be to have action figures made of the 4 of us.Then i found Firebox where you can have your pop on head made for one of your existing action figures.

 They have a small choice of popular character bodies to choose from and although me and my eldest would be cool as Batman and The Joker and Mrs M of course as wonder woman im not sure superman is right for my youngest (never did like superman). i do quite fancy me as the Ventriloquist and my youngest as Scarface.

I used to love baking and should really get back into it (although my waistline may not agree). Maybe these would give me the motivation i need:

I love it when your looking for something on eBay and something interesting pops up that you've never seen before. Today this little beauty popped up on my search list...

I always think that if you find an interesting Joker toy and they make the Batman counterpart then you have to have them both because they always compliment each other, so i did a search and suprise suprise they do...

Ive been advised by Mrs M that that they were limited edition and made in Japan, now who's the geek! I'm so proud of her.

Well Father's day and my birthday are only a month apart so we'll have to see how much of a good boy Ive been this year.


bill said...

wow... you should so have one made of you. I wonder if they make them here in the USA... would love to hear / read a review of what you think of those custom people figures. Which would you be?

GiftsFromThePirates said...

hi bill, well the website is give them a try they probably post to the US. Id love to review one of these. Id like to see how my face would come out whether they would add the piercings etc. plus my curly moustache would be interesting. oh and i would choose captain america. Thanks for the comment.