Tuesday 22 May 2012

"Being a father, being a friend, those are the things that make me feel successful."

When people ask me how it feels to be a dad you can be sure that the first thing that will happen is me getting a huge a smile on my face, i cant help it. Ive spent my life until the boys came along not really knowing what i wanted to do and just wandering the planet like the incredible hulk.

Having the boys in my life has really given me purpose and although loads of things have happened over the years previous to this, since i met Mrs M and the boys have been part of me ive only just felt like i have started to live.

I wasnt planning on making this blog to personal but the main reason for me starting it in the first place and all the toy collections were because of my beautiful boys, so it only felt right that i should write a post about them.

They are both amazing well behaved boys and i feel so lucky, they get everything they need and so much more and they fully appreciate that. Plus they give back as much as they get by being so kind and caring.

Seth is extremely entertaining and very intelligent and daily comes out with great one liners that have us in hysterics. And Opeie at 14 months old is steadily becoming one of the most interesting little boys with the funniest personality. I am a very proud father!!

Everything i do completely revolves around them and I'm quite sure by now they both know what they mean to me. Even though Opeie is only 14 months old i think its quite clear to him that mommy and daddy love him very much. 

 There's so many things i love about being a dad, but the way the boys look up to me just blows me away. I never really saw myself as a serious or responsible person but when you have other people relying on you it completely changes your world. As cheesy as it sounds, for me it really makes you want to be a better person.

With Seth our days pretty much revolve around super hero's and Star Wars from the second he wakes up (he just woke up now and the first thing he asked was "can you get black spider-man in the super hero squad figures? followed by good morning!! he has his priorities right) , its so cute it reminds me of myself when i was younger although i don't think i was as intense. Its crazy how much super hero knowledge a 5 year old can cram into that head of his. God help us all when he can start reading comics.

I feel a little sorry for Mrs M, when Opeie gets a bit older its going to be mayhem in our house. hes already started his Jedi training!!

We try our best to make sure were always doing things as a family and try to always think of new things to do, it seems though that the boys favourite thing to do is just playing in the back garden when the sun is out (which thankfully it is at the moment).

Our recent trip to Florida was amazing for us all to spend quality time together, its ashame it cant be like that all the time. 

 Really not sure what Doctor Doom was trying here? obviously he doesn't realise that he doesn't stand a chance against me the Ultimate Super Hero (in the boys eyes)

I think this post has summed up just how much my 2 little super heroes have changed my life and how lucky i feel every day. Having children is by far the greatest super adventure a hero could ever go on and i will do everything i can to make sure I'm always seen as Mr Fantastic!!

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