Sunday 27 May 2012

"Look, Sammy, I'm not a very good shot... but the Samaritan here uses really big bullets."

I Really hoped when i started collecting the Super Hero Squad Figures that they would release a Hellboy figure similar but sadly i thought the toy companies had let me down. One day while perusing the eBay toy pages as i do on a daily basis i came across these beauties.

The range is called Hellboy BPRD Buddies and their made by Mezco, They released 8 figures in total in packs of 2 and so far I've managed to get my hands on 6 of them. Nowhere seems to have them and they very rarely come up on eBay (most frustrating). There are 3 variations of Hellboy,Abe Sapian,Prince Nuada,Wink,Johann Krauss and A Golden Army Soldier.

The figures are practically the same size as the Super hero squad range so they fit in with my sons collection perfectly. At some point i will track down the other two as i will be obsessing about them until i do. Pathetic i know but that's how i get when I'm collecting things. Also the collection wouldn't be right without Abe Sapian.

Their fine for him to play with them now as they are chunky and have no small parts that can come off but all these small figures are for in a few years as he'll appreciate them more then. Plus ill need a few years to explain all the characters and all their backgrounds like i did with Seth, until he is as excited about Super Hero's as he is, Luckily this time round ill have Seth and his intense love of Comic characters and all things Super to back me up.

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