Thursday 31 May 2012

"It's a place to hang our cowls"

I decided to move the boys room around today while Seth was at school. Mrs M thinks its a bit crazy but i love moving the furniture around. It's not that I'm unhappy with the placement of it all, its just i get really bored at looking at the same layout all the time and think that by moving the rooms around it keeps the house looking fresh.

I guess i forgot just how much was in their room but thankfully its tidy 90% of the time due to the good looking hairy faced housewife we have at our house (and i don't mean Mrs M).

I say this is the boys bedroom but secretly its more the bedroom i wish i had had as a child, I loved my toy's when i was younger and had a huge collection of He-man and Star Wars figures (sadly my mother thought i would be a great idea to give them to 2 of my cousins when i got older and they destroyed them). Seth loves the fact that all his toys are organised and easy to get to and because of that he really looks after them.

I'm really glad that he looks after the things that they have as most of the toys are timeless and will be packed away into storage when their older for their children, to sell on or even to be displayed in their own houses if they end up as nerdy as their dad.

I wander into their room a fair bit in the day as it makes me smile, its definitely my favourite room in the house. I've told Mrs M that when we move id like to board out the loft and have my own room up there for all my toys (yes i am a child i ALWAYS wanted my own den when i was younger).

The poster choices for the room were very important but what i love most about the posters we have is that they were chosen by Mrs M. I love that she has basically been catapulted into the world of comic books and super hero's and being the great Mom and Wifey to be she is she completely gets involved. sometimes me and the boys quiz her on her super hero knowledge and to be fair she's pretty clued in.

In a way i wish i could unbox all if my collections and knock up some more shelves to display all my other toys as a good load of the toys i have previously written posts about are not out in the house and are just stored away for Opeie when he comes of super hero age (i guess ill just have to save them for my grown up super hero loft hideout).

After moving the furniture around i have come to the conclusion that i have no idea what were going to do at Christmas as i don't know where were going to put new toys. Seth's birthday is just before Christmas too so there will be loads of new things. Having an extra room would be a great help (and would also give me another room to fill! 

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bill said...

wherre are the white cube units from, did you make them? I wish i had your skills.