Friday 27 September 2013

"A man's manners are a mirror in which he shows his portrait."

Every day I'm feeling more and more obsolete, Opeie is becoming so independent that at times like this I'm at a bit of a loose end, it's good for the writing though especially on days like today as Opeie runs about the soft play area desperately trying to befriend everyone he comes in to contact with. He does say 'come on daddy' every now and again but once i start following him he's off again happily talking to other children.

Opeie is such a loving and thoughtful little boy for his age and people always comment on his politeness and manners when we are out and about. As I sit here writing this I can hear Opeie saying 'what's your name? I'm Opeie (or Hopeie as he pronounces it). Opeie clearly needs to be around children his own age more now so (despite it being very upsetting because i makes us even more aware how quickly the time has gone) we've started looking at nurseries. 

It's great when were out and he talks to new children but some of them like a little boy today can be really quite mean. Today Opeie met two boys (cousins), Charlie, a sweet little boy around Opeie's age, happy to just be running about and William, a child I can only describe as a spoilt little brat with a terrible attitude who was probably a year older.  This little monster got the hump because his cousin wanted to play with Opeie so started saying things like 'go away' 'we don't want to play with you' and 'stop following us' he even tried to block Opeie's way out of spite. Opeie doesn't understand thankfully and was happy just running about but honestly I just wanted to trip the little monster over.

Kids at the age of 3 and under shouldn't be like this. They are supposed to be innocent and want to be friends with everyone they meet. What annoyed me more was the mom could hear her son yet said nothing, she seemed like quite a well to do woman as well. Apart from me telling the boy that I thought he was very rude and shouldn't talk to people like that I managed to bite my tongue. The last time we were at this soft play area I told a boy off for purposely pushing Opeie over with quite an aggressive look on his face. To be fair though the dad dragged his son out of the place and wouldn't even look me in the face. It's not my place to correct other people's children but if their parents can't be bothered I'm not having anyone be abusive to my boy. If I heard Seth or Opeie talking to anyone like that I would be devastated, but they have been brought up to show respect.

Opeie started to look tired and i was needed once more for cuddles (good to know i still have some uses), my very sweaty haired boy needed some sleep. I may be needed less and less as the days go by, he makes it clear he can brush his own teeth, feed himself and put his own shoes on but I will always be there to protect him and fight his corner, were a team and I'll always have his back, no matter what.

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