Tuesday 10 September 2013

"At a dinner party one should eat wisely but not too well, and talkwell but not too wisely."

If you're anything like me, you kind of dread the words 'can my friends come round for tea?' Loads of over excited children running about and generally making a racket. Are they going to destroy the house, What am i going to cook, most people don't eat like us. Luckily our first experience of Opeie's friends coming round for dinner was effortless and relaxing. A nice bunch of friendly characters who were happy to eat whatever they were given no questions asked.

Together me and Opeie lay down a blanket, sat everyone at their places and set out the plates and cutlery. It was a casual affair so no need to break out the silverware (if we even owned any) and on the menu was a selection of fine cooked meats a smorgasbord of tasty cheese, pasta, vegetables, potatoes and a grilled meat selection for the meat eaters amongst them. For dessert, freshly picked Pears, Oranges and Bananas, Our food had been carefully prepared by the culinary genius Haba using only the finest Ingredients and materials. Food that was suitable and safe to be served up by a 2 year old and he loved every moment of being the party host/chef (we're definitely going to have to buy that kitchen for christmas)

Opeie spent time lovingly slicing a loaf for his guests...

There were plenty of greens and veg for the herbivores in the party...

Everyone was having a great time, the food was enjoyed by all and the great company and surprisingly Intelligent conversation made it a perfect afternoon with friends. Buzz and woody kept us entertained with their witty humour which kept us all struggling to keep our food in our mouths due to uncontrollable laughing.

Opeie had lots of fun with his friends at lunch time and I'm sure they will be joining us again soon, everyone left with full tummies and a glow in their cheeks from all the smiling.

The Haba play food has been a fantastic addition to our play times and these role playing activities are great for Opeie's development. The soft materials used my Haba are great as it gives younger children the confidence to play how they want with it without the possibility of hurting themselves (like with some of the heavier wooden foods aimed at slightly older children).

All the food mentioned can be brought from thetoadstool.co.uk and they have a fantastic selection, I'm sure our friends will be round for tea again so we'll have to get looking what culinary delights we can serve for next time.


Em @ snowingindoors said...

I'm glad your dinner guests were well behaved, last time Buzz was at ours for a picnic he brought his own beer and ended up throwing up in the lounge ;-)
Ez loves having picnics, he's forever bringing me pretend food and cups of tea. I am totally loving that blanket by the way x

Jenny at The Brick Castle said...

That's a great picnic - and I'm delighted to see the huge range yo had on offer for your guests. That kebab looked mighty tasty.
Glad Buzz was better behaved than when he was at Em's :D