Thursday 4 September 2014

"Having hit a wall, the next logical step is not to bang our heads against it."

I am all about great quality sustainable toys that can be packed away when they have been outgrown, ready for the next generation of tiny feet and it's one of the things I love about writing for Bigjigs toys.  When it comes to children's play things, youngsters will always see the appeal for classic wooden toys.

This month we were sent the Wooden Wrecking ball to review, taken from their selection of wooden vehicles. Opeie wanted to make sure he had some friends with him to witness what he had planned. You can't fully appreciate a wrecking ball unless you have something to destroy and this was the basis for Opeie's plans to build a house.

With a large chunky structure and bright vibrant colours you can see why their products are so popular with children. I don't remember having any wooden toys when I was younger and it would have been nice to still have a classic wooden toy that I had played with to pass on. I'm sure the boys will have plenty to pass on when they are ready.

The house didn't go down to well so he built a wall instead in hope it would come down a little easier. With the wall built it was time for Opeie to put the wrecking ball to the test as his cuddly audience watched on...

If your children are anything like I was when I was younger then this toy would have gone straight outside in the dirt, which is another great advantage to good quality wooden toys. Opeie would have played with this none stop a year or so ago but sadly I think it's a little too young for him now to keep him interested. It's definitely something to pack away for future generations of our pirate family though.

As always it was a great quality toy from the Bigjigs ever expanding selection of fantastic eco friendly toys, for more vehicles to accompany the range click here.

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