Friday 12 September 2014

"Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind."

This morning we had a long drive over to the hospital where Seth goes to see his consultant regarding his muscles. Mrs M took him for his appointment while I (as always) did my best to entertain mini me. It's great that the sun has decided to reappear over the last week or so and was actually the driving force for this post.

As we walked across an empty car park (we were looking for a pig on a farm we had driven past on the way in) Opeie noticed his shadow and decided to start racing it. We've had plenty of fun over the years with our shadows but today Opeie was asking lots of questions "when I turn around why does my shadow chase me?" And "where's my shadow gone now" (as we waked past a tree). I asked him what he thought and he said "because it's dark from the tree" (so i explained in more detail) clever boy!

We had some fun making interesting shapes and Opeie asked if we could make a two headed monster.... Tadar!!

We were still looking for that big fat black pig we had seen and decided to walk along the side of the road. Opeie seemed concerned about the safety of our shadows due to the traffic coming from behind but looked amazed as we stood still to see what would happen as a car passed us, our shadows leapt onto the side of the car, amazing!!

Still no pig! We did see an emo looking horse though but he didn't seem all that impressed by us so we carried on looking for shadows, holding things in front of the sun to see what happens. It was a simple way to fill our waiting time but an activity that kept opeie entertained.

After the hospital we dropped Seth at school and found some other things to keep us entertained When we picked him back up we continued our afternoon of Shadow discovery and went for a walk around our local lake...

I love being a dad, every little thing you do on a daily basis can be turned in to a learning activity, if your creative and don't just see a walk as a walk then you can mentally stimulate your child and get them asking question after question.

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Rebecca Beesley said...

Hope Seth is doing ok. Love the two-headed shadow. Funny enough i saw a really pretty shadow today of a swirly gate making a pretty shadow on the ground and I nearly took a pic- wish I had now. x