Monday 15 September 2014

"What does the fox say?" : The planetarium edition.

Spending so much time with the boys during the week I'm witness to some of their great one liners. Some witty, some intelligent and some completely crazy but all very entertaining. I've never really thought about writing them down or making something of them on the blog because I'm so used to the way they are (until yesterday). It's so much more entertaining when it's someone outside of us four that is on the receiving end of their wit or factual comments.

Yesterday our little fox cub was sitting in a busy planetarium on our friend Chris' knee when he loudly and very clearly informed Chris of an important bit of information "Chris! Sometimes my testicles get stuck to my leg!". Some parents may have been embarrassed by a comment like that but personally I think it just shows his intelligence. He's a very smart little boy who says what he feels and as a dad I fully respect him for that.

So that's what the fox is saying this week.

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