Thursday 14 May 2015

"Confidence comes from discipline and training."

With the new series of Ninja Warrior UK starting recently we have been catching up on Youtube while eating our tea. We're all big fans of people falling over and landing on their faces so the show has been an excellent source of meal time entertainment. Although people flying off things and shattering their ego's is great its also interesting to watch the extremely fit people tackle the crazy course with what sometimes seems like little effort. I doubt id even get past the first obstacle (I'd love to have a go though).

The boys have become miniature Ninja warriors, creating their own assault courses and setting each other tasks to complete, its very entertaining to watch. As Opeie's climbing class wasn't on today we ventured over to the town park as i had some shopping to do and i wanted to make sure he wasn't to bored. Whenever we go there we always stay on the play area suitable for his age group but as there was no one about today (no loud over excited older children) Opeie decided he wanted to put his Ninja training to the test.

 And when we got to the end Opeie excitedly hit the imaginary big red button. He hadn't had his fill of the course though and we had to go round it another few times. Its amazing how much stronger he has become over the last few months with the climbing, scooting and his new love of running wherever we go, hes turning into a proper little beefcake.

So we'll continue our training in hope that kids Ninja warrior becomes a thing Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii Ya!

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