Friday 8 May 2015

"We all have a dinosaur deep within us just trying to get out."

 Mrs M had some work on in London and as always me and Opeie used it as the perfect chance to go adventuring. To Opeie, London means dinosaurs and new books (seems to have become a tradition everytime we go), so a trip to the museum of Natural History was definitely on the cards at some point over the weekend. We had mommy all to ourselves on the Saturday and we tried to make the most of it, especially as the sun was out (it was a little nippy though).

We attempted to go to the science museum on Saturday morning but as we had arrived later than expected the night before our visit didn't go to plan. After a few tired tears, Opeie perched himself on his favourite spot and fell fast asleep. We had a 25 minute walk to get to where we were having lunch and although trying to keep Opeie balanced without waking him up was a pain, it was lovely walking around London chatting with Mrs M.

We seem to end up in London a fair bit these days because of Mrs M's work and as i said we have started a tradition of new books whenever we visit (saying that though we seem to buy books wherever we go). Opeie has books from each visit and we always right cute notes inside the cover 'we read this sitting outside the Tate...' etc. Hopefully it will be something nice to have when he's older and possibly have for his own children.

While we were walking along the Thames Opeie spotted a gold Shaun the sheep outside the Tate Modern and got really excited. As we dipped in and out of the tube stations we spotted Shaun about a fair bit which started a two day 'Spot Shaun' game.

On the Sunday Mrs M had to go off and do some work networking which left me and my miniature counterpart to continue our adventuring together. Opeie was desperate to see some Dinosaurs and he always finds the huge selection of rocks entertaining. Id love to say its because he finds them interesting but instead he laughs out loud and says "there's another rock!... and there's another rock!!


I find London exhausting, especially when a chunk of the visit is spent with a four year old on my shoulders. He may have been up there and off his feet but i know that Opeie feels the same. So after lunch we decided to make our way back home. We love visiting London but after a couple of days there I've had my fill. Give me quiet and green Shropshire any day.

It was nice to know that while Mrs M was off working hard she was still thinking about us and continued the 'Spot Shaun' game, Baaaaaa!

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