Friday 1 May 2015

"Follow the yellow brick road"

This sunshine has really been putting a spring in my step, I love how this weather  gets me motivated to get out and do stuff and when I heard the words "daddy can we go on a scooter adventure?" I couldn't wait to get our wheels out of the boot. Opeie has become quite the Micro-Scooter enthusiast over the last few weeks. Being able to scoot about has been great for his confidence but what I have loved about it most is that his scooter has given him the independence to go a further distance without having to struggle and put pressure on those little legs.

So we got ready for our adventure, packed a lunch, toys, books and of course shades and sun cream before heading out on a glorious day. On the way we had decided we were going to see how many 'yellow' things we could spot a long the way. With the sunshine warming up the ground the flowers were on bloom and Opeie spotted many lovely yellow plants (even if the daffodils were looking a little worse for wear).

With no shortage of yellow things on route, Shropshire was keeping us well entertained as were the scooters. It was the perfect day for adventuring and we were taking full advantage of the glorious sunny weather.

We've been doing lots of activities lately about emotions after reading 'My Many Coloured Days' by Dr, Seuss. I love how a colour can stimulate our moods and this 'yellow' afternoon is making us very Happy.

Opeie had worn his yellow minion backpack specially for our colour spotting game and he informed me that he wished his scooter was yellow (orange and yellow are his favourite colours). I knew where we were heading but i thought it was a lot closer when we had driven past in the car. going anywhere without the car and with a 4 year old can lengthen a journey but Opeie did great at long distance on his own. The only downfall was all the bumpy paths, gravel and grassy areas, which is why i'd love to give the Micro Flex Blue scooter a try for the air filled tyres.

We reached our destination and parked up. At Opeie's height he didn't have the view that i had but when i picked him up he was greeted with all the yellow he could possibly need for his micro adventure.

Crisps are yellow...Amazing!!!

As was the lettering on one of our books too! being a stay at home dad is amazing and something i will never take for granted. Having the chance to jump on our Micro-scooters on a sunny day and then ride somewhere pretty to eat lunch, read and play with toys really is the best way to spend our afternoons.

After reading, eating and running through the beautiful yellow rapeseed field we found a quiet spot for Opeie to play with his toys. Taking toys outside was one of my favourite things to do as a child. I always had my star wars figures zip wiring into the garden from my bedroom window and while the weather was nice i could always be found making tree top bases in the evergreens in our back garden. Opeie's Ninja Turtles got the same treatment, being hung from plants and hiding in the long grass.

Those versatile Micro-scooters also served as great mobile bases for the figures and me and Opeie had loads of fun making up stories and playing them out.

We had a great afternoon in the sun and being able to get fully involved with your children's adventuring because of having the Adult Micro-scooter is so much fun. I cant wait for the poppies to be out or even the snow drops later in the year. Get a Micro-scooter and get out with your children in the sunshine, you'll be amazed at how much it opens up your children's world... and yours if you let it.

Until our next adventure, happy scooting.

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