Monday 1 February 2016

"We don't create a fantasy world to escape reality. We create it to beable to stay."

The Super Mario Maker buzz is still going strong in our home and it has clearly become Seth's favourite game from 2015. He will happily spend the time he has while doing his physio creating interesting courses for us to play. When he's not creating though he loves searching the awesome course world for creative courses to play as there is a huge selection.

Seth came out of school recently and told us that he had been watching a Dick and Dom show in class and really enjoyed watching them wreck a full size remote control car, so he was really excited when I told him that they had created 3 Super Mario Maker levels that could be downloaded in the course world and I had the codes.

Being a huge Mario fan myself Ive loved playing all of the games so far but Super Mario Maker really does have that something special and i love all the hype that's been attached to it along with all the great collaborations come with it too (like the Mercedes Benz level). Dick and Dom definitely did the game justice. If you want to attempt their levels yourself here are their codes:

Dick's level - F15E-0000-0114-40CD
Dom's level - 9C14-0000-0108-C0F9 
Dick and Dom's co-created level C78F-0000-0124-C6FB
 Happy gaming.

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