Friday 12 February 2016

"The more abstract is form, the more clear and direct its appeal."

I am so behind with the posts I want to write as I am building something awesome with a friend of mine (all will be revealed next week). With our last post looking at Matisse and it being a bit of a flop with Opeie during our 'Art week', We asked Mrs M who our next artist should be and she decided on Wassily Kandinsky as she loved his pieces using circles. So we had a chat about it and decided to make an installation using anything we could find around the house that was circular. This instantly had Opeie motivated and a lot more interested than our previous day of art. 

Ive started yo-yoing recently as I loved it as a kid (I'm not very good but time will hopefully change that), so they were first for our collection along with plates, bowls, sticky tape, LEGO (of course) and all the lids we could find.

Opeie is loving disco lights and balls at the moment, so to add an a little more glamour to our piece we included Opeie's new Micro Scooter Wheel Whizzers, these things are awesome by the way but there will be more about those over the next few weeks.

With a huge pile of circles to play with we set about recreating our very own 'Circles in a circle'. 

Our Kandinsky exercise was great for teaching Opeie that with art there is no right or wrong way to do things. I love just leaving him to do his own thing and knowing that 'anything can be art' really gives him confidence in what he is doing.

Spending a morning playing with circles had Opeie looking around the house for other groups of circles. You can find art anywhere!

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