Sunday 3 May 2020

"Rise up, you dead, slain of the hydra. Rise from your graves and avenge us. Those who steal the Golden Fleece must die."

Day 44:

Ever since this whole lockdown started we've got into this strange routine of being really motivated to get stuff done first thing but then just after lunch feeling like we just don't want to do anything, its really frustrating. By the time we receive the following days word for the #creativelockdownproject I nearly always think 'Urgh... I might just skip tomorrows'. But then magically the following morning I'm pumped and ready to go. Todays word was 'Mythological', so while we drew we watched Jason and the Argonauts. I drew the children of the Hydras teeth and Opeie decided to create a crossover of King Midas and Midas from Fortnite, pretty cool I thought.

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