Monday 4 May 2020

"We live in a rainbow of chaos."

Day 45:

My laptop desktop is always full of inspiring images for future projects that I'd like to get stuck into. Not all projects make the cut and sometimes those images just sit there collecting virtual dust. Being stuck at home though has given me the kick up the bum to tackle these little projects and they've been perfect for getting us through these strange days. A few months back I spotted a LEGO rainbow made from a mismatch of parts, so today while the sun was out and I was feeling super happy, I opened up the back doors and sat in the sun and built. It ended up coming out a lot better than I had hoped and was one of those builds that really made me smile. 

I also felt that the build was really fitting to to our current situation and a grateful nod to our NHS staff and all the amazing work they are doing during this testing time. 

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