Thursday 7 May 2020

"Scatman and Hatman, travel in time. Scatman and Hatman, going online. Scatman with Hatman, do it in style"

Day 48:

I'm starting to worry a little about Opeie's mental health through all of this, but not because of the change in lifestyle, the not being able to see friends or being stuck with me day in day out. I'm more concerned about the recent obsession he seems to have started with Scatman John. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse we find out that his new idol teamed up with Hatman... there were no words to describe how I was feeling when he first played me this. And since then Ive heard the song so many times that I actually stood in the kitchen today making tea putting some serious thought into who I'd rather be if I had to choose, Scatman or Hatman??? Actually come to think of it maybe it should be my own mental health I should be worried about. 

Enjoy!... or don't!

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