Sunday 22 July 2012

"Still they cry out for him... for their hero and savior... but he is broken... and Gotham is mine!"

This week i helped my Dad move house which was a lot less stressful than i remember house moving to be. As i was leaving he gave me some birthday money for Opeie as i hadn't actually seen my dad for a few month's and we had been away in Florida on his birthday. My grandad added to the birthday kitty too which was clearly going to be burning a hole on my pocket until i ventured into Toys R Us to spend it.

Opeie has started playing with Seth's imaginext Batcave quite a lot, and when we went into Toys R Us they had a 3 for 2 offer on the Imaginext so i thought it would be rude not to take advantage.

Mrs M wasn't to happy about the fact that you press a button, lights flash on Bane and his skeleton appears on his torso making him look like he is being electrocuted (i guess it would be a bit much for a 17month old if he actually understood). But apart from that its a pretty cool little playset for 3-8 year old's apparently (or 32 year old geeks). Me and Opeie have had lots of fun with it especially because we already had the other baddies to go in the cells.

Opeie loves fiddling about with things and working out what the toys do etc, he looks so serious sometimes when he's concentrating.  The first thing he did this morning when i brought him in the lounge to let Mrs M sleep was go straight to the batman figures so i guess once i have finished writing this i will be joining him. 

Looks like i may end up unboxing one of the other things i bought yesterday to play with today even though i should probably start saving things for Christmas as it will sneak up on me as it does every year.

Opeie has just crawled over to me and has got really excited seeing a picture of himself on the computer, He loves looking at my blog page but he is going to love it a lot more when he gets older and him and Seth can read it together. I feel so lucky to have such an amazing family and would never take any of them for granted. Everything has fallen into place and i am exactly where i want to be, So i will be ending this a very happy boy.

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