Friday 27 July 2012

"Expect nothing. Live frugally on surprise."

Its always nice to hear the postman knocking on the front door, usually because its a new toy being delivered or just generally something fun that we have purchased online. Its so much more exciting when an intriguing package arrives. This week our friends Chris ( and Michelle sent us photo's that had been taken at my recent BIRTHDAY SOIREE, but also in the package was a CD that we had been talking about on that very day.

The CD mentioned is Snack Time by BareNaked Ladies and its a treat of an album, Chris informs me that the band members all had children and wanted to make a collection of songs to entertain them. If you are a little bit of a child yourself and have never truly grown up then I'm sure you will find this album as amazing as i did (how could you not with songs about ninja's, allergies, raisins and not liking Salmon). I was drawn in at first by the lyrics "Ribbit, ribbit, a tadpole exhibit, It's a transformation no one can inhibit" genius! 

Every time you listen to this album you hear something new that makes you laugh. The crazy ABC'S song points out that P is for pneumonia, pterodactyl and psychosis, which I'm sure will confuse Seth when he hears it but as Chris said would totally blow his teachers away if he came out with it at school.

So far the CD hasnt left the player (apart from a couple of times when ive had to put Opeie's sleep CD on to get him off to sleep). Its certainly kept me entertained this week and im sure it will continue to do the same in the coming weeks.
                                                           Thanks Chris and Michelle. x

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I hope you find the original. :(