Thursday 26 July 2012

"You remain a poor choice, little brother."

I didn't think i would ever let a collection get the better of me but it seems that one of them is really starting to get on my nerves. Ive been collecting the Marvel Famous Covers series of figures for a while now but like all things Marvel they are a nightmare to get hold of in this country. I could really do with a trip to the US once a year to buy all the toys i want. Ill be so much more prepared next time we go (with extra baggage booked).

It all started when i spotted the Red Skull figure on eBay and ended up winning it for 99p (stupid me thought i might be that lucky with all of them but some of them seem to be really sought after), when it arrived i was really impressed and knew i wanted to get hold of all of the others, thinking how good they would look all displayed together. I love the old Mego figures but unfortunately i don't have that sort of money to spend on doll's so this was the next best thing, there's also a great selection of characters to collect (now I'm thinking maybe that's not such a good thing).

Ive never minded paying the postage from the US,without it i would never have most of the toys i own, but for some reason the postage price on these when buying on eBay is really over the top. I saw one a few days back that had £60 postage on it? So unfortunately the collection is going to take a long time to complete. I decided a couple of weeks back to just sell them on and throw in the towel, but then The Vision appeared on eBay and it got my collection juices flowing again.

Opeie loves playing with the Spider-man (suprise suprise), and Seth calls them my "antiques" as he says they look old fashioned. Ive decided to soldier on and be patient in hope that more of these will show up. They are great looking toys and will definitely be worth the wait when i do finally get round to owning them all. Unfortunately Mrs M thinks they look creepy so i have no idea where ill be displaying them, hopefully they wont stay in the boxes.

When it comes to collecting i have no patience but it seems i don't have a choice with these, their definitely worth the wait though and i have a feeling the may end up being worth a fair bit once completed.


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