Friday 6 July 2012

"Don't adjust your sets. Welcome to the Oswald Cobblepot school of driving. Gentlemen, start your screaming!"

Ok so Im a sucker for a smiley child, after Seth writing his first post "In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play." i had to get him the Penguin submarine so Mommy could play Batman with him. I lasted about 24 hours before i bought it online. Instead of it being for Seth though the note from the pirates said that it was a gift for Mrs M. Obviously she was over the moon i mean what mother wouldn't want the gift of a Penguin Sub and Mr Cobblepot to play with. As it was a gift for Mrs M and Seth they would like to write today's post so here they are. . . .

It's Mommy ( Mrs M ) and Seth here! ( Seth typed all of this)

The penguin submarine : The pirates left the penguin submarine in the hall by the bath room door a few weeks ago. Mommy was in the bath.

The Penguin came with a umbrella, and you press the button and spins and it spins and it spins...
the submarine shoots disks out of the front, the disks shoot out of ....... the BEAK!!!!!
And the legs wave at the back when you roll it over the floor.
The Penguin submarine has ..... a spy hole!!! !!! I think this is cool, because the people can see out of it.
I like his coat. It is smart it looks like it's posh!!!!!!

I wish that it could go in the bath and I wish it went 'Beep Beep Beep' like the submarine in the Batman Film from along time ago.

Mommy wishes that it was big enough for Seth and Opeie to fit inside because that would be so fun and cool. Mommy likes the Penguins submarine because it looks very french, the Penguin has the best outfits and clothes.

The wings .... FLAP UP AND DOWN!

Other toys we might like in the Batman collection, are the Joker's Fun House, the Jokers lorry, the BatBoat, the Jokers Tank, and batcopter, and Mommy would like Poisen ivys house. ( If that exsists!)

It's time for bed, night night..... until next time!!!

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Laura said...

i LOVE the penguin.