Monday 25 November 2013

Gifts from the Pirates in Orlando - Islands of Adventure / Super Hero Island

Marvel super hero island, located at Islands of adventure is straight out of a comic book, the streets are filled with comic print characters and places themed by the marvel world buildings, heroes and villains I have admired from an early age. I'm a comic book geek yes and what I love about super hero island is that it's aimed at all different ages and also levels of fandom. The rides are amazing and being a huge marvel fan I'm always a little overwhelmed by it all. My favourite thing about this area (as with seuss landing) is that everywhere you stand there is an amazing backdrop for family photos (the photos to me are one of the most important parts of our family holidays). 

Universal studios and Islands of adventure are joined together but are seperate parks, if you buy a flex ticket for the parks then you can go in either along with many other attractions that I will list at the end of the post. Thanks to Visit Orlando We had park to park tickets and on the morning we were heading there we were all really excited. As with everything in Orlando the parking is very clear so no need to panic about where you are going. There is a $15 charge though as with all the parks for the day. It's a bit of a walk from the car park to the park but when you are as excited as we were, that time flew by and we soon reached our destination.

As I said in the previous post when we arrived at Islands of adventure we went straight to Seuss landing but after we had had our fill of Seussian delights we moved on to my other big love, Marvel. The boys were desperate to meet Spider-man and the other characters and Mrs M  was really looking forward to going on the Spider-man ride with Seth as he had thrown a mini strop last year and she didn't get a chance to go on, she loved it though and i think it was worth the wait.

The streets were filled with super hero fans of all ages all with big smiles, it would be virtually impossible to be miserable here. While Mrs M and Seth were queuing me and Opeie went off to meet Captain America and then we did a parent swap which is a great thing that the parks do if you have a child that is to small for the rides. It means that you both get to ride without having to queue twice, very handy. The ride was amazing and straight after we got to meet Spider-Man. Seth being the mini detective he is, commented after that the tone of his voice sounded different from their last encounter and was convinced it was a different spider-man but we convinced him he may just be tired or have a cold keeping his faith in his beloved hero.

While we had been in the queue waiting to meet the Cap a lady had commented on Opeie being 'a little heartbreaker' and while me and Seth were on a ride Opeie did what he does best and continued to woo the ladies with his handsome face and gentlemanly charm, this time a couple of marvels finest heroines!

And then it was time for us to move over to Universal studios which as i said is located next to Islands of adventure. The heroes had important places to be so it was great timing really. Super hero island was amazing but if I'm honest we were all still over excited from Seuss Landing


Em @ snowingindoors said...

That photo of Opeie hugging Captain America is gorgeous, please say you're framing that one

GiftsFromThePirates said...

I think it's a must. Opeie was throwing his arms round all of the characters it was so cute xx