Monday 25 November 2013

Gifts from the Pirates in Orlando - Hunting for foxes (part three)

Just because we're in a different country doesn't mean we can't play the same games that keep us entertained in the UK. It only took two days in to the holiday and I realised there was a fox post in the making. So here's our Gifts from the Pirates fox hunt, state side!

It seems that it's not just the UK that has gone fox mad, there are foxes everywhere and we've all had fun hunting them down in Orlando. Here's a series of images including all the foxes we've found across the pond...

Clever Mrs M even spotted some hiding at Legoland, which made my day...

The whole holiday was a really eventful fox hunting expedition.

Even the American TV had foxes selling car insurance!

Foxes also seem to be making their way on to Christmas trees (very Sly)

If you're interested in our family game and where the fox game started then please read our last two fox hunting post's...

If you are a regular reader and you are fed up of reading about foxes, apologies but post four has already been started and will be coming your way shortly, haha.

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