Saturday 16 November 2013

Gifts from the Pirates in Orlando - Wonderworks

Wonderworks is the sort of attraction that even if it were to get thousands of bad reviews on trip adviser it would still draw tourists in on the outside cosmetics alone. We had spotted the place on the first day we arrived last year but then it would be pretty difficult to miss a giant building that looks like it has been ripped up from the ground and flipped upside down. Although we wanted to check it out, our previous holiday was all about universal and shopping. This time though thanks to Visit Orlando we visited the upside down house to see what it was all about.

Firstly there is a big parking lot behind the attraction so plenty of space to park and although we had to pay for parking it was $3 for the few hours we were there so definitely not going to break the bank. I had skimmed through the brochure about Wonderworks but i don't like to read to much in to where we are going, i like the element of surprise. Mrs M on the other hand loves to check reviews and what to expect. When we had got in there and flashed our press pass (which is great, makes you feel very important), we had to go through a room that looked like a spinning vortex. Opeie did not like it one little bit and screamed so Mrs M had to find another entrance, he was fine once we got inside though.

Wonderworks is a series of exhibits, fun activities and a look in to the wierd and wonderful. The first exhibit that me and Seth stepped in to was a hurricane chamber that blew us with hurricane speed winds. Seth loves anything extreme weather related so naturally he loved it. we then moved upstairs where there was a bubble lab that was lots of fun...

And I got to lie on a bed of nails, we tried desperately for Seth have a go but he seemed to be under the impression that he was going to end up impaled even though he had watched me and Mrs M lie on there.  

Seth was speechless when we came to the rain that was going upwards, it blew his mind. There was plenty of sports related activities and Opeie loved the giant piano in the floor, it was just like out of the film 'big'. There was plenty to keep the boys entertained and it was great for all ages.

We all got blasted in to space with a series of space themed activities

 And while in the art gallery section of the attraction we got a chance to become one of the exhibits. I managed to freak out some other visitors that couldnt work out what the the exhibit was all about. Seth made the best face when he popped his head in.

The whole attraction took about 2 hours to walk around although at the end there is a rope challenge that lets you put on a harness and make your way around a roof assault course. Seth loved the idea of being a bit of a daredevil but sadly just the idea of it, the harness was as far as we got before he had a panic and decided he wouldn't be having a go.

If spending all day at the parks isn't your thing and you just want something that can keep you and the children occupied for a few hours then Wonderworks is a great way to spend that time. It was refreshing to go somewhere where there was no queuing between activities. The location is great too as its near to Pirate Cove Adventure Golf, CSI: The Experience, Titanic The Experience and many other attractions. They all run along the I Ride Trolley too so easy to get to even without a car.


Em @ snowingindoors said...

Looks like you guys are having loads of fun, I'm only slightly jealous ;-) Love that photo of you as an astronaut!

Discount Travel Bug said...

We had a great time at Wonderworks too! Took us a bit longer to get through - almost 3 hours. Also got a free coupon at