Thursday 28 November 2013

Gifts from the Pirates in Orlando - Splashing about at Wet n Wild

Because of Seth's months and months of holiday research on the build up to going away he knew exactly where he wanted to go. The water parks were pretty high on his list and he knew the names of most of the big slides and had watched many YouTube videos in preparation (he's so much like Mrs M). Seth was really excited about going to Aquatica but while me and Mrs M were doing research for the parks we heard about a film called Blackfish and decided to watch it while we were away one evening. The film is a documentary about Seaworld and their Orca whales. I won't go in to the documentary to much as this post is about a water park visit but after watching the documentary we decided to boycott Seaworld and it's two other parks despite having press passes to them all. The documentary is definitely worth a watch and I will write about it at some other time. We explained to Seth why we couldn't go to Aquatica and he understood, I'm very proud of how grown up he is in regards to these sort of situations. Although free passes sound nice It's more important that we teach the boys values.

Anyway Aquatica aside and sadly the disappointment of Legoland's water park being closed for the season we still had wet n wild to visit thanks to Visit Orlando and Seth was really excited. Time to pack for our water fun. Thanks to Trunki they had sent the boys a Paddlepak each for such an adventure. Opeie had picked a 'Nemo fish' and Seth a Shark. These bags are great for heading to the pool. Great design, plenty of space and completely waterproof. My favourite part of the bags is the roll and clip fastening, making it look Like an open fish mouth, very clever (Trunki must have a great design team because all their products are really well thought out), I will write a full review soon.

Paddlepaks packed, we loaded the car and headed out. Wet N Wild was like a ghost town which I was a little surprised at but then we were out of season and it was a week day afternoon, I wasn't complaining though, the quietness meant that we had free reign of the park with no queuing at all, it was bliss. Seth spent a brief moment studying the map and then we got changed...

Opeie decided as soon as we got there that it was his nap time so while Mrs M found a sun lounger to kick back and relax, me and Seth excitedly acted like Napoleon in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (if you remember the movie). Seth was a little apprehensive at first when it came to the bigger slides but once he'd been down one and got the taste for it there was no stopping him.

The great thing about a lot of the slides is that you go down in either a dingy (2xpeople +) or a donut in two's, bad news if your a bit of a Billy no mates. Luckily I had my best mate Seth with me and we took full advantage of a quiet water park. It was a great bit of bonding for me and Seth as we don't get much time just the two of us.
Obviously we couldn't take the camera down the slides so the pictures of us enjoying ourselves are limited. We had a blast though and although Seth couldn't go on the black hole and the Disco H20 because he wasn't tall enough he made up for it by going on Flyer and The Blast plenty of times. We also went on Bubba Tub which was really high, Seth had a little freak out when we got to the top but was fine once he was sat in the ring with me. I was pleasantly surprised at how brave he has been with all the rides and slides he has been on.
 Seth loved the blast away beach section of the park and although he wasn't tall enough to go on black hole there was a younger childs equivalent there which Seth really enjoyed. It was a great couple of hours at wet n wild and when Opeie finally woke up it was clear that he had no intention of joining us so we got changed so that we could make our way to somewhere nice to eat (which i wrote about yesterday).
 Paddlepak's repacked and smiles on our faces we headed out. Wet N Wild was a lot of fun and we would definitely go there again in the future. It being so quiet was a plus for us, more rides on the slides, no queuing and i didn't have to feel like a heffer walking about with my top off! bonus!

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Jane said...

That looks such fun! I've been looking into booking a Florida holiday ! Will look forward to hearing more about it !