Monday 5 May 2014

"Adventure is not outside man; it is within."

Usually when we have an item to review i aim to get the post written within a week or two but some items deserve so much more. I had a fantastic idea for this review that for a change didn't work out but I'm still going to aim to write it, maybe during the summer. We've been in limbo for quite some time now with how Opeie gets about while we are out. He hasn't wanted to be in his pushchair since he was about 14 months old (although we did had a week a month or so back when he requested it). He always seems happy perched on my shoulders and although i love him being up there its good for him to be doing his own thing.

The great thing about having children is their uncontrollable sense of adventure, its contagious. Thanks to Micro scooter the bridge between pushchair and the void we were in was sorted and having wheels to get around on was the start of even greater adventures. The reason it took me longer to write this review was because after receiving the two amazing scooters i really wanted to get out and about making the most of them. I used to love throwing Seth's balance bike in the boot when he was younger to take out places with us, but as the kids get bigger so do their bikes which throws a spanner in the works. Micro scooters amazing design though means i was back to loading up the boot ready for action. In fact they pretty much live in the car now as we take them everywhere we go.

Opeie was sent the Mini Micro scooter T-Bar in a lush orange colour (which is one of Micro Scooters new colours) and i was sent the adults black Micro scooter. Seth looked rather jealous when he saw us wizzing around on them and although he is loving his skateboard at the moment i think that with his muscle condition and limited mobility he found using the black micro scooter (which is great because the handle bars adjust for different heights) easier to control and has now been eying up the Micro Sprite Scooter, surprisingly in Pink which i love. After seeing how confident he was on the Black Micro Scooter and having the brake there to slow himself down its something i need to consider getting him soon.

As i said before the scooters have been everywhere with us and everywhere we go we ALWAYS see other Micro Scooter owners. On our recent weekend away visiting friends in London we walked through a park in central London and i counted at least 30, which sounds crazy but after owning one myself i can see why these Scooters are so saute after. This is a company aiming for world domination.

One of the great things about having the scooters is that even if we're not heading out just 'Scootering' ,its a way for us to get where were going when the car has taken us as far as it can. Which again for Seth's mobility limitations has been amazing. When we want to go tree climbing, which is our recent flavour of the month with Seth, the walk from wherever we park to the trees we are climbing is made that little more interesting and the journey that little less exhausting for Seth now having wheels on our feet. When we arrive at our destination we just park up and go about our adventures. Having scooters gives the boys a great sense of independence which i remember feeling myself when i had a scooter back when i was younger (it was no where near as classy as these though).

Because they fold up so well even if we plan a day out to the beach and have a boot full of picnic stuff theres still more than enough room for the scooters, helmets and probably more scooters for when we decide to include the other members of our team. It was great to see Mrs M having a go too and i know that secretly she'd love to join the scooter gang with us, i think sometimes she feels a litle left out, i could definitely imagine her on the Micro Floral White Scooter, we could go on some awesome family adventures.

There really isn't a bad word i can say about Micro scooter, this is a company that is giving the customer exactly what they want and giving us and our boys the sense of adventure and freedom they crave daily. Micro scooters will be dominating much of our summer i can see, so there will be many more posts coming soon.


Ricka said...

Wow! What a great blog. All the images are looking nice. This scooter is perfect for children. Thanks for good post.

Rebecca Beesley said...

They look amazing! Am intrigued to know what your 'plan' was for the review - will keep an eye out over the summer to see if you manage it. That's reminded me that J has outgrown his scooter so I'll need to get one sorted for his birthday. x

GiftsFromThePirates said...

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. The scooters have become a great addition to our days out.

GiftsFromThePirates said...

definitely get a Microscooter i cant rave about them enough. I turn in to a huge kid when im on mine (not that there is much that's grown up about me, haha)

Jane said...

This looks great. Must have a great time when riding on scooter, especially with kids.