Monday 19 May 2014

“The laws of genetics apply even if you refuse to learn them."

I find it so interesting how people view Opeie in regards to his appearance,  i suppose it happens with every child. The "doesn't he look like his dad" / "oh he's all mommy isn't he", debate continues day after day. The part i find interesting is how each person sees a different part of our genetics in him. Me personally, I think there is a lot of Mrs M in him facially apart from those dashing big brown eyes (they are definitely mine *flutters lashes*). And the unfortunate chin that has been handed down from my dads side seems to be making an early appearance, much to Mrs M's dismay (hence the bearded disguise for my poor bum chin). Mrs M on the other hand says he's all me, i guess this happens a lot as its difficult to see the similarities in yourself.

Its mixed reviews across the board when we meet people or from friends and family members and I'd say it is a pretty even ratio. I just see that as the genes being 50/50 which i think is a really nice thought. Either way the one thing EVERYONE can definitely agree on is that he is an exceptionally beautiful little boy that can put a smile on anyone's face. I'm so proud of the way he is developing physically, mentally and emotionally, i couldn't ask for a more adorable and loving little boy and I'm so excited to see how he turns out when he is older.

Being a dad is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me.


Niki said...

Hi Lovely to see the beard is still in use! Here we are opposite I don't recognise my partner in Chloe, however everyone else does (luckily!) She's got my fathers bloodlines female heavy cheeks :) Both parents have green eyes and dark brown hair. Our girl however has blue eyes and dark blond hair! We really don't know where it comes from!

GiftsFromThePirates said...

Hi Niki, the beard seems to get quite a lot of use, for all sorts of dessing up themesreat, thank you. Thats interesting about Chloe's eyes i would have assumed that Green eyes from both sides would definitely mean green eyes. xx

Rebecca Beesley said...

He certainly is an amazing little boy - very adorable and cute! x