Sunday 18 May 2014

"Do I look to be in a gaming mood?"

Firstly I'd like to say that working with Nintendo is amazing, if I haven't made that clear with every other post I have written for them. Having the 3ds has rekindled my love of handheld gaming. I find it difficult to find time to play console games on the TV especially due to the fact that Mrs M isn't really that interested in gaming. She asked me a few nights back if I'd love it if she had a DS too and we played some nights, clearly that's a silly question. What I love most about handheld gaming is it fits into my busy lifestyle as a stay at home parent. If Opeie's asleep and I've done everything I need to do around the house, then I'm gaming. If I'm relaxing in the bath... I'm gaming! Seth's physio? We're gaming! and if all is quiet in the house at night and I'm the only one still awake (like most nights) then aside from writing, I'm gaming.

Thanks to those gaming legends me and Seth have gained a new member of our 2ds/3ds gang. A week a go we received a package for Opeie with a very special surprise inside, his very own 2ds, he was so excited and rightly so. If you own one then you know how amazing Nintendo's handheld gaming has developed over the last few years and now Opeie has his very on console to play his beloved Mario 3dland.

As I've said on many of my posts I know across the parenting forums and other blogs, console gaming gets some bad press. I read a great post over at the Bigjigs Bigblog about how you can't replace human interaction with technology and I completely agree. But I also think that anything done in moderation as a family is great for your children's development. Sitting down together and getting stuck in to Mario's many escapades occasionally is great for bonding. With Seth it has been a perfect distraction for doing his physio together and for Opeie I have found it a great way to relax him when he is a little hyper (I'm going to have to film him at some point, it blows me away how good he is at some games at 3)

Well our newest DS member has been making the most of his new console so thank you Nintendo you have made our littlest gamer very happy. His favourite games at the moment include new Yoshi's island, Mario 3d land and Lego Movie. The boys remind me of myself when I was younger excited by completing levels progressing through games. They deserve all the gaming time they get because they are two intelligent and grounded little men.

Thanks Nintendo you are helping to shaping my boys childhoods just like you did mine.

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